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Customer Rights

Customer Rights


All rules, principles and practices in this document are valid unless they contradict the statements in the "Product and Money Return" and "Distance Sales Agreement" documents.


Luppio strives to continuously improve the quality of service it offers to its customers. In order to achieve this, it continues its internal audit activities without interruption.


In addition, it has accepted as a duty to raise the awareness of its customers by adhering to the following principles.


Consumer rights

We deliver the products you buy from us with the following qualities;


•Product quality must be satisfactory. However, products named as defective due to manufacturing faults will be replaced free of charge.

•The product will be suitable for its purpose. The product quality, content and features shall be as declared by the manufacturer.

If the products you have purchased are problematic at these two points, this product is called defective. In this case, you have the following rights:





These rights are valid for all products you purchase on, unless they contradict the rules and conditions in the "Product and Money Return" and "Distance Sales Agreement" documents on this website. Otherwise, Luppio will seek your rights over the manufacturers.


If Luppio notifies you that a product or a group of products is of second quality or defective, and you receive that product, you cannot return that product or request an exchange.


However, in cases where there is a defect in works limited to stocks, that is, products on discount, campaigns and opportunity products, no exchange or refund can be made. However, the product price is credited to your account and a refund is provided by deducting it from your next order amount. The balance values ​​and Luppio Points in the accounts of our customers who do not place an order for 6 months will be deleted and they will not be able to claim any rights.


Product Prices and Your Rights

When purchasing products on, you will not see any other amount other than the price of the product you have been notified of, the payment, shipping and export method you have chosen. You pay the last “Total Amount” you see on the “Payment” screen. However, after a while, if you see the price of the same product at a discount or in the campaign, you cannot claim any rights.


Your Rights in Transport and Export Process

Luppio coordinates the relationship between the shipping company and you, our valued customers. You are free to work with the transport company you want. Luppio's responsibility in terms of the delivery time of the products to the customer is until their delivery to the shipping company. In addition, Luppio does not accept responsibility for delays and export problems that may arise from the shipping company, and for damages that may occur to the products during transportation.


However, if you have any problems with the shipping company you have chosen, please let us know immediately. We will be happy to try to assist you in this matter and to seek your rights on your behalf.


To Report Your Complaint

If you have a problem with our products and services, please contact us immediately. Below are all notification methods and numbers by which you can reach us.



E-Commerce Customer Relations | | Call Center : +212 4191918 / +90 552 4191918



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Tel       : +90 212 4191918
Tel       : +90 552 4191918