1. Names which are contrary to moral values and laws cannot be chosen when determining the “member name.”  These membership names cannot be of a nature so as to violate  the legal rights of third parties, such as copyrights, brands and trademarks.      In such cases, the   management will not allow memberships to be created with this member name, and may suspend or cancel a membership which has already been created in such a manner.

2. By accepting this  agreement and by complying to the regulations regarding the  Electronic Trade Regulation Lawnumbered 6563, the member consentsto management sending all kinds of content containing data, audio and images via electronic media for commercial purposes by means of communication tools such as  electronic communication addresses, telephones, call centers, fax, direct distance dialling machines, smart voice recording systems, electronic mail, and SMS, for the promotion of services, marketing, promotion of the business or with celebratory content with the aim of increasing the level of recognition.

3. Members are not allowed to insertexpressions which are contrary to moral values and laws in their comments and likes. In the case of such expressions,üyeye     may delete the message without notice, and may unilaterally suspend or cancel the membership.  Members have the right to submit an objection or complaint on,, upon which the decision reached by management shall be final.

4. Responsibilities related to the member name,  password security, protection and not sharing with third parties shall rest with the Member.  Suspending or canceling a member account which has been appropriated in an illegal manner shall be at the management’s discretion.

5. site management may change or completely revoke these user conditions at any time and in any manner they wish.

6. The Membership Conditions shall be governed by Turkish Law . In case of  any dispute which arises or may arise from the hereby User Agreement, Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices shall have jurisdiction over the settlement of the dispute .

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